Walmart Shipping 17,000 Oculus Go Headsets To Train Employees In VR


Walmart is planning to send 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to nearly 5,000 stores as part of their VR-based employee training program.

The giant retailer previously stated about its interest in VR, even experimented in its training academies a year ago. Following its huge success, now the company believes VR in the workplace is the next step forward.

Walmart will be delivering four headsets to each Walmart Superstore and two Oculus Go headsets in Neighborhood Market. The VR instructional video will range over many topics like customer service and management. The 45 activity-based modules will revolve around new technology, soft skills like empathy and customer service, and compliance,

Behind the hood is STRIVR Labs, who are continuously working with Walmart to make VR possible in the retaile stores. In an emailed statement to TechCrunch, STRIVR Labs CEO Derek Belch said, “It’s awesome to see how fast this relationship has moved and is a testament to Walmart‘s willingness to push the envelope in everything they do.”

The company will be using 360-degree videos that will range from thirty sec to five minutes. Employees will be showcased in different situations to tackle rush like black Friday. And they will have to use critical thinking to make right decisions.

“VR training is particularly helpful for learning new tech,” the company wrote on a blog post.

“VR is allowing associates to be trained before the towers are even installed – no teachers required. This will be key as Walmart continues to roll out new tech to stores.”

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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