Shipments Show VR Headsets Touching Record-Breaking Popularity

VR devices consumption is on the rise!

VR Panel Shipments Will Cross 15 Mn Units In 2022:
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VR Panel Shipments will see an exponential rise in 2022. The latest Augmented and Virtual Reality Display Technologies and Market Report by DSCC makes astonishing forecasts. It expects the global VR Panel shipments to cross the 15 million units mark this year. Meta could be the largest importer of these VR panel shipments which may amount to 80 percent of the totals number of panels.

Why the sudden rise in VR panel shipments?

The VR industry is growing big day by day. Every major brand including Meta is jumping into the metaverse. Metaverse and other VR/AR products and services require VR panel shipments. As per the DSCC report, Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta may order 80 percent of the 15 million units alone.

It will be part of a greater push to build a company-owned metaverse. Similarly, Play Station VR2 (PSVR2) is also gaining traction and needs a lot of VR panels to begin mass production of the headsets.

VR Panel Shipments
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DSCC reports also indicate that Apple could adopt SiOLED (OLED on Silicon) panels into its rumored VR headset. The report showcases that LCD panels still make up for the majority of the 2022 orders. But AMOLED and SiOLED are also witnessing a surge in demand. PSVR2 could bring back high-resolution VR AMOLED panels. These VR panel shipments of AMOLED will have higher resolution than LCD displays used in VR. So, they could cut down the screen-door effect that reduces the immersive experience.


SiOLED is a concept that aims to embed OLEDs on a thin wafer of silicon. LG demonstrated a product bearing SiOLED a couple of years ago. SiOLED VR Panel Shipments will revolutionize the display industry for years to come. This technology makes it possible to have a thinner layer as compared to traditional glass OLEDs. Once implemented, it could shrink the thickness of the display. Current VR devices are bulky because they use glass substrate OLED. But SiOLED would enable the manufacturers to trim some weight off.

One more advantage of SiOLED is that it allows to densely pack more pixels in the same display area. So, VR devices could remove the screen door effect to a larger extent as compared to using LCD or AMOLED panels. VR panel shipments projections reveal a surge in demand for SiOLED. However, speculation about Apple using the display in VR headsets is doing rounds on the internet.

All in all, this is good news for VR enthusiasts. As more and more people join the party, VR headsets are likely to get better and more affordable. What do you think about VR’s upcoming popularity?

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