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Microsoft is busy launching new products and services from its Developer Build Conference 2015. Yesterday we saw the unveiling of Microsoft Edge – the Internet Explorer replacement – and many other ambitious announcements. Today, at the second day, Microsoft announced a new framework, Vorlon.JS, that will help developers to debug JavaScript running on remote devices.

It is a remote testing and debugging tool for JavaScript. Vorlon will help developers to test, inspect and debug the JavaScript code running on any device with a browser. From any device, we literally mean any device – be it a game console, smartphone or a fridge.

Actually, Vorlon is a small and complete web server in its own. It is a Node.JS application that will run on your computer and use a single line code for connecting to remote devices and systems. The errors will be shown on your computer.

Vorlon has the functionality to be extended with plugins that bring more features like logging, feature detection, and exception tracking. Watch a demo below:

How to install Vorlon.JS?

Installing the Vorlon.JS client is very simple. Visit this link to know more about Vorlon.JS and its installation.

Vorlon.JS supports connections up to 50 devices at a time and you can run the test code on each of them with a single click.

The idea behind Vorlon is to make the diagnostic and testing problems on multiple remote devices at a same time from a single system.

This project is completely open-source you can start using it right now. Follow the link below for Vorlon on GitHub.

Vorlon.JS on GitHub

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