Intel Shows Off “Volocopter” Flying Car At CES 2018

Intel Volocopter Flying Car
Whether flying taxis ever become a standard mode of transportation in near future or not, ambitious tech companies will continue to show their prototypes to the world.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich might not have one manufactured by his company but during his CES keynote, he demonstrated Volocopter’s flying tech of which he was a proud first passenger in December 2017.

The flying car looked like a giant drone took a small remote-controlled flight at the keynote area. It’s an entirely electric multicopter and has a seating capacity of two passengers; however, it was flown empty. It can be operated manually, autonomously, or controlled remotely.

In a partnership with Volocopter that started years ago, Intel has provided all the flight control solutions required for the drone to fly on its own and assure safety.

According to Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter, their flying car is like “a flying supercomputer creating a pleasant and safe ride.” It houses dozens of microprocessors regularly monitoring the atmosphere for winds, turbulence, etc.

The latest production from the German company is Volocopter 2X. The 450Kg multicopter consists of 18 rotors and it’s capable of flying up to 17 miles on a single charge with a cruising speed of 43 mph (max speed 62 mph). For now, the limited range can be compensated using the quickly swappable batteries.

Volocopter has managed to get a permit-to-fly in Germany, and they have performed autonomous flight tests in Dubai as well. It goes without saying that it could be a little while until the Volocopter arrives in the US, as permission from the Federal Aviation Administration would be required.

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