Vladimir Putin Still Uses The Obsolete ‘Windows XP’ In His Office

Russia Vladimir Putin using Windows XP
Source: Kremlin.ru

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin appears to use Microsoft Windows XP, despite the hacking risks that come along with it, according to a report form Open Media.

Microsoft stopped sending out security updates for Windows XP way back in April 2014, consequently, making it vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Back in 2016, a hospital in Australia running Windows XP on their systems was attacked by a virus that took over the entire operations of hospitals. Despite the risks involved, Windows XP is still used in many households, ATM’s and many government institutions.

Putin’s Kremlin office and his official Novo-Ogaryovo residence near Moscow appears to be one of them where OpenMedia spotted Windows XP on his computer.

Later, the head of Russia’s Internet Protection Society confirmed that Putin computers run the obsolete version of Windows.

Interestingly, Microsoft Windows XP was the last operating system allowed by the government to be used in Russia’s government agencies. Meanwhile, Windows 10 can only be used in government offices that do not hold state secrets.

With that being said, Russia has a bigger plan to eradicate all the popular operating systems from their offices and adopt their homegrown Linux based OS. Putin has already passed the Sovereign Internet law which isolates Russia’s internet from the rest of the world.

Further, in the view of removing foreign influences, Russia recently decided to make its own Wikipedia. Moreover, the country introduced a new bill that will force smartphones, PC’s and other electronics to come with Russian software pre-installed.

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