Vivo Offshoot iQOO 10 Series Will Sport Custome V1+ Chip For Photography

Vivo Offshoot IQOO 10 Series Will Sport Custome V1+ Chip For Photography
Image: iQOO

Today, iQOO announced the latest iQOO 10 series equipped with a home-baked image processing chip V1+ in addition to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU.

According to iQOO, the chipset will considerably boost frame rate performance and reach “dual-core.” In addition, the iQOO 10 and iQOO 10 Pro will support a whopping 120W and 200W fast charging, respectively. The iQOO 10 series product launch event will be held on July 19.

What makes the iQOO 10 series special?

Vivo Offshoot IQOO 10 Series Will Sport Custome V1+ Chip For Photography
Image: iQOO

iQOO has constantly been releasing a bunch of power-packed smartphones. Although the company went big on gaming, smartphone photography was never its forte. However, it’s rumored to change this time around. According to IT news, iQOO uses the second-generation, in-house-built imaging chip from Vivo, the V1+.

As per reports, the ISP is heavy-duty and packs a bunch of new improvements. The hardware has three imaging algorithms; 3D real-time stereoscopic night scene noise reduction, MEMC frame insertion, and AI super-resolution.

It even allows for data transfer speeds of up to 8GB/s. Furthermore, combining them with SRAM results in energy efficiency gains of up to 300 percent and power reductions of up to 72 percent.

The first-generation Snapdragon 8+ (Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1) is an improved version of the Snapdragon 8 series. It uses the 4nm TSMC process and has a three-cluster architecture with a super-large Cortex-X2 core, a sizeable A710 core, and a compact A510 core. The CPU core’s maximum frequency is raised to 3.2GHz.

According to the report, the displays used in the iQOO 10 series models will be a 2K E5 display. It will come with 10bit color depth, LTPO step-less speed 3.0, DC dimming, and 1500 nit local peak brightness.

It also comes with improved thermal management.

The iQOO 10 series is equipped with 14 temperature-sensing IC chips. It has a large-area VC vapor chamber of 3930mm2, a central frame made of low-temperature-sensing aviation aluminum. It also contains a sub-micron thermal conductive gel for heat dissipation.

A better thermal system will help the device cool down faster when playing a game. The gaming frame rates should also see an increase with the upgraded heat dissipation system.

As mentioned above, the iQOO 10 and iQOO 10 Pro enable 120W and 200W rapid charging. Lastly, The iQOO 10 Pro sports a 50MP+50MP+14.6MP camera combination on the back and a front 16MP camera. The iQOO 10 series new product introduction conference will take place on July 19 at 19:30.

What are your thoughts on the device? Will it be able to take on the big leagues in terms of camera performance? Comment down below.

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