Vivaldi Mastodon Instance Is Live Now: Here’s What’s New

Hop on to a Mastodon server in one click!


Vivaldi is finally embracing Mastodon with its new browser version update, 5.6. The company earlier launched its Mastodon-powered social network Vivaldi social on 15 November 2022. But the latest update will integrate the Vivaldi Social Mastodon within the browser.

When you launch the newly updated Vivaldi Browser, you will notice a new icon in the sidebar. This links to the company’s Mastodon server, which you can access in one click. Ever since the new management arrived at Twitter, Mastodon is gaining huge traction among people looking for decentralized networks.

What’s new in Vivaldi 5.6?

Well, the main highlight is Vivaldi’s own Mastodon server. It appears to be part of the push to make users realize that there are abundant options apart from Twitter. Unlike Twitter, which is centralized and can kick out users anytime, Mastodon is a completely decentralized approach to social networks. This microblogging platform offers up to 500 characters of post creation which is double what Twitter offers, along with a bunch of similar features with new names.

But Mastodon isn’t trying to become the new Twitter and grow to become a monopoly. Instead, it just offers a codebase that anyone can use to create their own Mastodon server. So, there isn’t a single Mastodon instance, but many, and all of them, can communicate with each other. Creators can define rules, but even if one Mastodon goes down or shuts permanently, there will be abundant other instances to check out.

Apart from the new Mastodon server and in-browser integration, Vivaldi also added a bunch of useful features with the new update. You can now pin an entire stack of useful tabs rather than just one. So, when you launch the browser, all the essential sites load in one go and never accidentally close.

Vivaldi settings page
Image: Vivaldi

Vivaldi also redesigned the Settings page to make it easier to navigate. Categories on the Settings page now have colors and unique icons, which makes them easily distinguishable. Apart from that, there is a new addition to the list of default search engines that you can pick. Vivaldi added the option of the “” search engine for users who want something less tracking-focused. Make sure to manually check for the new Vivaldi browser update.

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