This Robotic Dog Can Run And Swim Better Than Real Canines

A futuristic pet to make your neighbour envious.

vision 60 robot dog
Image: Ghost Robotics

This futuristic invention seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. But what’s impressive is that it’s more real than many of us realize. A robotic dog, technically called a robotic quadruped, is one of the latest innovations of technology inching toward becoming mainstream.

These robotic dogs have a wide range of applications, from security patrol to defense purposes. Thanks to their ability to maneuver adeptly and get right back up after falling, they are more reliable than robots that run on wheels.

One of the most sophisticated quadrupeds out there is the Vision 60 robot from U.S.-based Ghost Robotics. Here’s a video showing the capabilities of this robotic dog.

Vision 60: A durable and versatile robot

The Vision 60 Q-UGV (Quadrapedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is second to none when it comes to operating in harsh climates and rough terrains. Whether it be an urban location or a rural one, Ghost Robotics’s quadruped can effectively serve its role in various scenarios.

This robotic dog’s ability to navigate challenging areas is akin to that of an actual mammal, courtesy of a feature called blind-mode control. For this, it uses a network of sensors that provide feedback about its environment to the cutting-edge technology under the hood. Interestingly, even if the sensors malfunction and the robot trips, it can easily get up again.

vision 60 robotic dog
Image: Twitter / Ghost Robotics

Coming to its specs, the Vision 60 weighs 51kg (112.43lbs) and can carry a payload of 10kg (22.04lbs). Besides that, it can run at a speed of 3m/s and cover a max distance of 10km (6.21mi). On a single charge, it lasts for as long as 3 hours. Moreover, it takes roughly 10 minutes to assemble or break down the robot. Its IP67 certification means that it can survive in a range of adverse temperatures and weather conditions.

The aforementioned qualities make Vision 60 a promising commodity for defense, business, and security industries, among others. Additionally, the robot also supports ad-hoc attachments suitable to a particular field.

Do you think these quadrupeds will become commonplace in certain departments going into the future? Sound off in the comments below. Also, do check out these incredible flying machines.

Priye Rai

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