Mother ‘Reunites’ With Dead Seven-Year-Old Daughter In Virtual Reality


It is quite over the top to think of a situation in which the dead and the living meet.

A TV broadcaster in South Korea has made it a reality, in a documentary known as ‘I Met You,’ with the help of Virtual Reality. The documentary marks the reunion of a mother and her dead daughter with the help of virtual reality technology.

MBC aired the documentary in South Korea on Feb 6, 2019. The video captures a heartbreaking reunion between a mother named Jang Ji-Sung and her dead daughter named Nayeon. Viewers of the show have a mixed feeling about it since only one episode showed virtually recreated Nayeon.

In a statement, the production team said that it took them 8 months to create Nayeon virtually. The team also focused on audio engineering to re-create Nayeon’s voice. The 10-minute long documentary has left a strong emotional impact on the viewers’ minds.

The Munwha Broadcasting Company took the initiative to share the video with the world. People who saw the video are astonished by the reaction of Jang Ji-Sung seeing her daughter. She interacted with VR Nayeon and possessed a feeling of pain and love simultaneously.

Jang’s family was also present at the scene, experiencing the unbelievable sight with their own eyes. They were all in tears after they saw Jang interacting with the VR creation of her daughter.

As reported by Futurism, the technology would be available to the public very soon. The report also said that it could create a whole new industry, and few startups are on their way to creating an avatar of deceased people.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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