Video Of Amazon & Flipkart Parcels Getting Tossed Out Of The Train Goes Viral

Your orders aren't as safe as companies promise!

Amazon And Flipkart Parcels Getting Tossed Out
Image: Twitter

Have you ever wondered how the order you place on an e-commerce site gets delivered to you? If you haven’t, there is a video on Twitter showing how much the delivery companies are concerned about the parcel’s safety. Abhishek Yadav, a Twitter user shared a video that shows railway employees mishandling delivery parcels from Amazon and Flipkart.

You will be shocked to see the parcels flying in the air and then crash landing on the concrete platform. No one seems concerned about the contents inside them. They just want to take all the packages out of the train so it can move forward.

How online delivery packages are treated!

It is very difficult to discern the e-commerce brands to which the packages belong. A user pointed out that the wide black tape on most boxes appears to be Amazon’s because it sends out parcels with distinguishable taping. We couldn’t find any Flipkart parcels in the video but they could have been there too. Not a single package was taken out with care, and everything was in the air. One package even hit the fan and then landed on the huge pile of packages lying on the platform.

It is surprising that companies even charge for packaging and fast delivery from the users while this is how the packages are actually handled. Even if the delivery partner delivers it with care, it has already suffered massive blows in transit at the railway platforms. You may have also noticed most cardboard packaging is deformed when it is delivered to you.

Amazon and Flipkart antitrust case in India featured image
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One user joked about ordering a 3 lakh rupees laptop from Amazon and then panicking after seeing such manhandling during transit. Some even shared the rates that Flipkart charges for secure delivery while the reality is worse. You end up paying extra for no caution at all. Imagine the state of packages containing fragile items and electronics flying in the air and crashing on the platform.

The main takeaway from this video is not accepting any package that is in worse shape. You can initiate a replacement. If you receive that same package the second time, ask for a return.

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