Video Shows Dark Mode Saves Battery Life And Haters Might Start Liking It


Since the inception of the dark mode, the tech world was divided into two types of people: the ones who loved/liked dark mode and the ones who hated/disliked the feature. For all the dark mode haters out there, a new video might help you start liking the feature after all.

Does Dark Mode Save Battery Life?

According to a video posted by YouTube channel PhoneBuff, the dark mode on an iPhone XS has proven to have saved the battery life as compared to its normal light mode.

The test was performed on two iPhone XS models: one with light mode and the other with dark mode.

With the help of robotics devices, similar tasks were performed on both devices. The tasks included messaging for almost two hours, scrolling through Twitter (for two hours), and another two hours of YouTubing.

Here’s the video for a better understanding:

This was followed by using Google Maps for navigation, which was meant to take place for another two hours. However, the iPhone XS with light mode enabled died before the completion of two hours, making the dark mode-enabled iPhone XS a winner.

By the end of the test, the iPhone XS in dark mode had a 30% battery, which suggests that the feature can save up to 30% more battery than the light mode.

Points To Ponder

While the dark mode seems to have considerable benefit, one thing worth noting is that the iPhone XS is based on an OLED display panel. This shows us that the battery-saving capacity of the dark mode is possible on smartphones with OLED displays rather than the ones with LCD ones.

This is because dark mode works better on OLED displays as OLED pixels are totally off, while the LCD pixels still emit some light.

Another thing to consider is that the test was performed in dark mode-compatible apps, with different use cases and a brightness level of 200 nits. Hence, the results in other situations can be different.

Google (at its Annual Dev Summit 2018) confirmed that dark mode on Android saves battery life, therefore, we can expect the same from iOS’s counterpart. Google’s announcement, clubbed with the video, seems to prove the point.

Are you a dark mode hater or lover? Comment with your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.

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