Google Is Testing Variable Refresh Rate Feature On Chrome OS

Steam alpha is coming to Chromebooks
Source: Unsplash

In the latest update to the Chrome OS Dev channel, Google has added a new variable refresh rate feature. This feature is now available in the Chrome flags section. The update was first spotted by Kavin Tofel at About Chromebooks.

For starters, Variable Refresh Rate syncs the frames per second in-game with the display’s refresh rate to reduce visible screen-tearing. VRR comes in handy, especially while playing games, and its addition to Chrome OS is an indication that Google is about to make Chrome OS a viable OS for gaming.

Speaking of gaming, Google also recently announced Steam Alpha for Chrome OS in one of its developer keynotes and stated that the platform is already available on select Chromebooks. There are also a lot of rumors floating around about gaming-focused Chromebooks. Hence, Google could be laying the foundation for them by adding new features.

On the other hand, the addition of VRR could also mean that Chromebooks with higher refresh rates are coming to compete with the likes of fluid displays on the latest Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8, and Apple’s iPad Pros. For the most part, VRR on phones or tablets is used to prolong battery life.

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