Valve Helps A Person Get Their Steam Deck Even After Missing The Email Deadline

In today's episode of Valve cares...

Valve gives another chance to order steam deck
Image: Reddit/Fossbytes

The demand for Steam Deck is soaring through the roof thanks to its unreal price to performance ratio. The console’s preorders started shipping on February 28 in batches, and those who preordered would get an email with a URL to complete their Steam Deck purchase within 72 hours of receiving the email. Failing to do so would result in you losing your position in the virtual queue.

However, Valve made an exception to this rule yesterday when the giant accepted a request from a person who missed the email deadline by 30 minutes.

The Reddit user with the username BoopQuuen posted yesterday that they had lost the opportunity to order their Steam Deck using the sent link because they were busy with a new job and missed the email, which was later found in the spam folder.

A lot of Redditors asked the OP to contact Valve support, which they did and Valve pushed another order email by which the OP managed to order their Steam Deck. “Ater telling the people in steam support about my issue they gave me another chance, they understood my situation! I am glad they actually care about the people who care about steam. I am going to bring this everywhere and stay supporting steam, thanks for the support in the last post!”

Credits to Valve for caring and handling a very niche case like this one. What are your thoughts about the same? Let us know in the comments section below.

Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed

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