Valorant Sentinels Of Light Skins Leaked: Expected To Release On July 21

Valorant Sentinels of Light bundle is here.

Valorant Sentinels Of Light Skins Leaked Expected To On July 21
Screengrab: Riot Games

As part of the Sentinels of Light event spanning across all of Riot Games, Valorant hasn’t been left behind. A while back, we got to see the Ruination skins as part of the Sentinels of Light event.

Riot Games’ Valorant is the go-to tactical shooter for every FPS enthusiast out there. While the game just got a year old recently, Valorant’s popularity has been on the rise ever since the game’s release. Furthermore, Riot Games never seem to disappoint the players when it comes to in-game items, whether it’s a new agent or a new gun skin.

A prime example is the Sentinels of Light event, that as we mentioned, doesn’t just stick to LOL but spans beyond it. Meanwhile, players in Valorant were eagerly awaiting the Sentinels of Light bundle soon after the Ruination Bundle got leaked. Now that the bundle is revealed, not officially, let’s take a look at the gun skins.

Sentinels of Light Bundle

The Sentinels of Light skin bundle is a direct ode to the Sentinels of Light event. However, if we talk about what exactly is Sentinels of Light; well, it is an ancient order of hunters established on the Blessed Isles in the LOL lore. Meaning, the Sentinels of Light are out there to take on the Ruined King Viego.

Now, we know you’re eager to see the bundle, so here you go; you can watch the Valorant Sentinels of Light bundle in the Tweet by ValorLeaks. In case you wish to see the guns in action, you can watch the video by HitScan.

The upcoming Sentinels of Light bundle in Valorant contains five weapons.

  • Sheriff
  • Ares
  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Melee

As for the release date, the Ruination Bundle will no longer be available in the store after July 21st; hopefully, we’ll get to see the Sentinels of Light Bundle after that. Moreover, if we talk about the price, the current Ruination bundle is released at 8700 VP, so naturally, we can expect the price of the upcoming bundle in Valorant to be the same.

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