Valorant Ruination Skins Leak As LOL’s Sentinels Of Light Approaches

Valorant Ruination Skins Leak As LOL's Sentinels Of Light Approaches

Riot Games sure knows how to make a commercially successful competitive shooter. Valorant is a prime example of this. Meanwhile, LOL’s Sentinels of Light is a much-awaited event and will span across all of Riot Games’ games.

This means that Valorant players will soon get the taste of LOL’s Sentinels of Light event soon. While it was previously teased that the upcoming Ruination bundle will feature Guardian rifle, a recent tease by Riot Games reveals that many guns will come in the Ruination bundle, including Vandal.

Moreover, Valorant has gained massive success in its one year. The game is not only loved by casual FPS players but by the Esports community alike. Now, talking about the upcoming Ruination skins, not every detail is known as of now. Still, we do know that the upcoming Ruination bundle in Valorant will include Vandal, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and a melee sword.

A Twitter user HitscanYT was among the first to reveal the upcoming Ruination skins in Valorant. This is the second time Valorant developers sat with a YouTuber to reveal Valorant skins. In the past, the Tethered Realms bundle was revealed in the same manner.

Not only this, but the user also posted a short video of the upcoming Ruination Phantom and its final kill animation. Below you can find the full YouTube video featuring all the Ruination guns in their glory.

What inspired the Ruination skins?

In the video, Valorant devs talk about the inspirations behind the Ruination bundle and the work that went into it. While talking about the inspiration behind the design of Ruination melee; the sword of the Ruin King from LOL mixed with some other elements, and you get the Ruination melee sword.

Ruination bundle price

The upcoming Ruination Bundle in Valorant will cost 8700 VP, considering the bundle will be in the ultra-premium category. In addition, the prices of separate weapons in the Ruination bundle is listed below.

  • Ruination Phantom – 2175 VP
  • Ruination Guardian – 2175 VP
  • Ruination Spectre – 2175 VP
  • Ruination Ghost – 2175 VP
  • Blade of the Ruined King – 4350 VP

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