Leaked Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Weapon Skins Coming Soon

No one saw the Yoru comb coming in-game.


The hottest first-person shooter game right now, Valorant, has just finished its second Champions Tour. Along with VCT and other tournaments, Valorant is a vibrant game with many lively characters and multiple weapon skins. While it has been long since a new weapon skin bundle was launched in-game, an upcoming “Valorant Go Vol 2” skin bundle to be released soon has leaked.

Similarly, with every major update of the new act, Valorant gets something new to the game, a new agent or a new skin bundle. Additionally, the latest agent to be added to Valorant is KAY/O, a robot built by Kingdom corporation to eliminate the Radiantes in the Valorant lore.

On the other hand, the latest skin bundle in Valorant is ‘Spectrum,’ made in collaboration with Zedd. Now, it’s safe to say that Valorant is getting a new skin bundle in the form of Valorant Go Vol 2 pretty soon.

Valorant Go! Vol. 2 skin bundle

Valorant Go Vol 2 will replace the current ‘Spectrum’ skin bundle in Valorant’s in-game store. The new skin in Valorant was leaked by Mike (ValorLeaks) on Twitter, giving us a look at the upcoming new skins in Valorant.

Highlights of Valorant Go! skin bundle

Valorant Go Vol 2 skin bundle will contain five weapons, all based on the current agents in Valorant. Every weapon has a 3D sticker of the Valorant agents flaunting the agent’s persona. The guns in the Valoran Go! Vol. 2 skin bundles will have these weapons.

  • Classic
  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Operator
  • Melee Knife

And for the highlight of the bundle, the butterfly knife. Yes, Valorant already has a butterfly knife in-game. However, this one is different; it’s a butterfly comb; the one Yoru flaunts. The melee knife in Valorant Go Vol 2 stands out from the rest of the weapons. For the most part, the knife, or comb, to be more precise, is directly related to the Japanese agent Yoru.

Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Release date & price

The Valorant Go Vol 2 skin bundle is expected to arrive in the store on Thursday, September 23rd since that is when the current Spectrum skin bundle will leave the Valorant store. While the official price of the Valorant Go Vol 2 skin bundle will be revealed when it hits the store, thanks to Mike, we believe the bundle will cost 8700 VP. It’s plausible since the last Valorant Go skin bundle was priced in the same range.

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