Valorant Battle Royale Is On The Way, According To Leaker

A Valorant Battle Royale is apparently in the works.


Riot Games’ Valorant is the hottest first-person shooter in the gaming community right now. The CS: GO and Overwatch hybrid has seen a boost in their success since their launch. While Valorant is enjoying its success as a 5v5 competitive FPS multiplayer, it seems like the game will soon get a Battle Royale.

According to Twitter source, PlayerIGN, Valorant Battle Royale is coming out soon. As for the source, PlayerIGN has made many claims in the past, which turned out to be true, making the leaker reliable. In the video, the leaker asserts that his sources claim that Chinese PUBG players were invited for a private playtest of Valorant. According to the claim, this private playtest of Valorant took place in November 2020.

Moreover, why PUBG players were chosen to participate in the private playtest of Valorant raises questions. PUBG player’s involvement in the playtest makes sense only if it’s a Valorant Battle Royale build. Surprisingly, that is what the leaker PlayerIGN claims.

Meanwhile, Valorant is also getting a Ruination bundle sometime soon planned alongside LOL’s Rise of Sentinels. However, the previously teased Ruination bundle could also be added with Valorant’s next 3.01 patch.

In addition, there have been many leaks and rumors around a potential Valorant Mobile. Since mobile gaming is on the rise, we don’t doubt that we might see Valorant mobile soon. Furthermore, we might also see Valorant mobile’s launch along with Valorant Battle Royale.

Moreover, Battle Royale as a genre is on the trend in the worldwide gaming community; it only makes sense if Riot Games wants to capitalize on that. Since Valorant is only available on PC, it seems highly likely that Valorant Battle Royale, if and when releases, might be for PC players first.

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