How To Use Windows 10 For Free Even If You Don’t Have Windows 7 Or 8.1?


WINDOWS 10 FOR FREE 90 DAYSShort Bytes: Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade campaign will dry out on July 29. There is a method that will allow you install Windows 10 Enterprise edition on your machine. The free Windows 10 OS will be available to you on a 90-day trial period.

Microsoft has been very determined to push their Windows 10 operating system to every PC they can manage. Their yearlong promotional campaign has reached the heights when it comes to luring users to upgrade their OS from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 to Windows 10.

We can see upgrade notifications every now and then if we are on a Windows machine. However, their Windows 10 free upgrade offer will July 29. Users who want to upgrade thereafter will have to pay for it.

The free upgrade is only available for existing Windows users. But, what’s the deal for the ones who have not tasted the Windows OS yet?

Microsoft has rolled out a 90-day free trial of the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. You can install it on your machine, no matter what OS you currently use. This free trail will give you an idea, whether you should buy a copy of Windows 10 or not.

Windows 10 free

To get the free trial, navigate to the link below:

On the TechNet Evaluation Center page, sign-in with your Microsoft account. After that, click Register to continue and fill in the form details in the proceeding step. You’ll be able to download the ISO file in the next step.

Now, you can either dual-boot the Windows 10 Enterprise on your machine or install it inside the virtual machine. The free Windows 10 trial period will expire after 90 days. The best part of this free trial is that it doesn’t affect your current OS and can get rid of it whenever you want to.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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