You Can Now Use Instagram Remix To Turn Public Images Into Reels

Instagram Remix releasing soon
Image: Meta

Instagram is slowly converting itself into TikTok, no doubt about that. Even Adam Mosseri claimed that Instagram isn’t a photo-sharing app anymore and is more than that. The social platform will soon launch Instagram Remix, a service that will allow anyone to remix public photos into reels.

Instagram isn’t shying away from the fact that short format video content is grabbing eyeballs. TikTok saw an opportunity and capitalized on it, and now other social platforms are doing the same. No matter how much cringe it brings with it, reels are here to stay.

Instagram Remix feature

The main takeaway of the Instagram Remix feature is to allow access to remix any image publicly posted on the platform. If the image is public, creators can use it to create their own reels with a little bit of inspiration. Since Instagram is offering the feature, the reuse of public images won’t create any copyright issues.

But the thought of someone else using your images for 60-seconds of fame sounds a little too personal. That’s why Instagram will offer an option to disable the remix feature for the content posted on your account. If you want to keep it private, the app will offer an option to do that. All the photos posted as public after the availability of the Remix feature can be used by default. You will need to disable it in the app settings.

Instagram Remix
Image: Meta

More features

You can choose between a green screen, a horizontal or vertical split-screen, or a picture-in-picture reaction view. The app will offer templates to create reels and mixes if you don’t feel like creating your own design. Moreover, you can add your clip after the original clip ends for a smooth transition.

Earlier, Instagram announced that the public reels could be mixed by other creators. In the coming weeks, users will also be able to make duet videos side-by-side with the original reel.

Another major change is that Instagram will now consider all videos shorter than 15 minutes as reels. So, the algorithm will treat them as reels and help make better view suggestions to users. All in all, TikTok and Instagram will soon become hard to distinguish in a few years.

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