USB Killer 3.0 Is Here With 1.5-Times More Power, “Anonymous Edition” Also Available


Short Bytes: The creators of USB Killer are here with the version 3.0 of their device frying utility. USB Killer 3.0 is 1.5 times more powerful as compared to its previous version. This release also comes in an anonymous edition that doesn’t feature any logo or branding. 

In the past, we’ve written multiple articles on the ruthless USB Killer that can give your PC a sudden death. We told you about its version 2.0 and shared a way to make your own USB Killer using camera flash parts. Well, this series continues as we are here with the USB Killer 3.0.

The third generation of this badass tiny device is claimed to be about 1.5 times more powerful as compared to its predecessor V2. USB Killer 3.0 sends 8-12 surges into a device after charging its capacitors from the USB power lines at a super fast pace.

The -200VDC is discharged over the data lines when USB Killer is completely charged. This cycle is carried out multiple times a second to ensure the death of host device.

The makers of USB Killer also don’t forget to mention on their website that they don’t accept any responsibility for damages and losses. “Wilful destruction of third party material with this device is illegal and not condoned by,” they add.

USB Killer 3.0 Specifications:

  • Input voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 VDC
  • Output voltage: -215 VDC
  • Pulse Frequency: 8 – 12 times / second
  • Pulse current: ≥180A

USB Killer 3.0 also comes in an anonymous edition

For testing secretly, the makers of this treacherous device have released an anonymous model. So, what’s so special about USB Killer anonymous edition? Well, it looks like a plain, black USB drive that has no branding or logo.

Even though the company markets its device as a testing utility, things might get troublesome in near future. I’ve read many online arguments that raise questions over the need for an anonymous edition and why would anybody want a disguised testing device.

USB Killer is available for £50/$50. You can grab is from USB Killer’s website.


Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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