USA Challenges Japan To A Duel Between Giant Robots



Every one of us once in our life has fantasized of owning a giant robot and leading it to a fight to win and bringing an end to the evil bot. Not the actual dream but the plot where two monster robots fight could soon come to reality. Except that there is no evil bot.

United States’ Megabot Inc. has created a fully functional 12,000 lbs, 15-foot giant bot that has the capacity to seat two pilots. For the artillery, the company has added really big guns that can blast ammunition at the speeds of 100 miles an hour. Wait, before you create any evil plot of your own, this isn’t a government military project, the ammunition is paintball, and it is a fun and creative tech machine that packs a punch.

The makers of Megabot have challenged their much more famous contemporary KURATAS, developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, Japan.

It is going to be a real life “REAL STEEL” when United States’ Megabot goes to a showdown with Japanese beast KURATAS.

Do you want to see the battle of two giant robots?? Tell us in comments below.

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