Google’s Upspin Open Source Project Can “Transform” The Way You Share Files


Short Bytes: Upspin is a new open source project to enable simple file sharing. Developed by three Google engineers, Upspin introduces the concept of a global namespace for naming files, using a person’s email address. The path to shared file looks like what we have seen on Unix systems. An Access file included in a shared directory to allow permissions to other people.

A new open source project for file sharing called Upspin has recently surfaced online. Although announced by Google, Upspin is not an official Google product. The project even has an official mascot named Augie.

Upspin is an attempt to make file sharing easy and secure. It proposes global namespace implementation using the email addresses of the users.

The Google engineers who are behind this unconventional file sharing framework – not an app or web service – have realized the tedious file sharing process offered by major platforms. One big issue is the long file name and the interoperability. For instance, one can’t directly post a Facebook photo on Twitter. It has to be downloaded and re-uploaded.

All the file sharing is done with the help of user’s email address. The path to a file shared by a user looks like the slash-separated file paths Unix, [email protected]/dir/file. Using an Upspin service, other people can reach the shared file using its path.

Directory access permissions to other users can be given with the help of their respective email addresses. An Access file containing read: [email protected], [email protected] can be added in the directory to be shared.

Upspin’s creators say it can be included as a layer of infrastructure in other software and services to enable secure file sharing. If one has an Upspin name, shared data can be copied from anywhere on a network “without download and upload.” This is in contrast to what we have seen in the case of cloud-based file sharing services.

They also say that their target audience is personal users, families, other than its use in enterprises.

You can read more about the Upspin open source project in the official documentation. The Github Upspin repo is a mirror, you can find the original repo here.

What file sharing service you use? Drop your thoughts and feedback.

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