What Is Instagram’s “Until Tomorrow” Challenge?


Due to the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic, many cities around the world are under lockdown. And people are finding it challenging to spend time while everyone is stuck at home. As a result, netizens are creating new trends on social media to kill boredom.

As NYPost said, one can find a lot of trends, including “never have I ever,” best five things, etc. One such trend going crazy on Instagram is “until tomorrow.”

People following the ‘until tomorrow’ trend are posting their embarrassing photos and write until tomorrow in the caption of the photograph. The photographs are published without any specific context.


The moment someone else likes it, the owner of the picture sends a message to the person and asks him or her to do the same. Users are expected to post a photo and leave it for 24 hours with a caption saying until tomorrow.

The direct message sent to users who like the until tomorrow’s posts say, “So, you liked my post with the caption until tomorrow, now you have to post an embarrassing photo. For the caption, you can only write until tomorrow and can only tag me.”

Up till Wednesday, there were already around 352,000 posts with the hashtag #untiltomorrow. People are posting embarrassing photographs and bad selfies all over Instagram to follow the latest trend.

Other trends

A lot of people are following and creating different trends on Instagram to keep themselves engaged on the social media platform and spend their quarantine by staying connected with their gangs.

One such trend is the #see10do10 challenge in which the user records a video of themselves performing ten push-ups and then nominates people to do the same.

Another trend uprising on Instagram is #seeapupsendapup, in which the users post a photo of their pets and ask other users to do the same.

In the wake of millions in self-quarantine, Instagram recently launched ‘co-watching’ where users can scroll through feeds with friends during a video call. It also added hashtag and sticker of #stayhome to encourage people to follow the lockdown orders in their countries.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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