Uniti One Electric Car Shares A Major Feature With McLaren F1


Uniti One electric car is one of the most revolutionary things to come out of Sweden. What’s really interesting is that it shares one major feature with the Iconic McLaren F1 and that’s the seating position.

Uniti One electric car has three seats similar to a McLaren F1 with a driver seat in the middle and two passenger seats behind it. However, beyond that, Uniti One is a revolutionary new electric car that delivers 300 km of range and is priced at a reasonable €20,000.

The Uniti One electric car is clearly built for the mass market and focusses on two simple factors: affordability and efficiency.

“We had a dream to create a car with a clean minimal design and the kind of product quality Sweden is known for,” said one from the Uniti One team. They have done the same thing as well, the Uniti One electric car is an ultra-small compact vehicle similar in design to a Tata Nano.

It has a ton of features that highlight its utilitarian aspect, and here’s a look at all of them —

Uniti One Electric Car: The Perfect City Commuter?

Uniti One Electric Car Specs
Battery Size 12/24 kWh
Range 150/300 km
Max Power 68 PS (50 kW)
Max Torque 85 Nm
Kerb weight 600 kg
Top speed 120 km/h
0-100 km/h 9.9 seconds
Transmission Single-speed, RWD

It is clear from the specs that Uniti One electric car is in no way made to compete with Tesla, Porsche Taycan or even Rivian. The affordability of Uniti One electric car makes it a global car.

Uniti One will be sold in Sweden, Russia, and England, along with several Asian countries, thus it is imperative for the engineering team of this car to make it as rugged as a workhorse as possible.

People talk about Honda e being the electric car that’ll push the masses to adopt the EV. However, the hefty price tag it comes with offers little to no incentive to ditch the gas guzzlers people currently drive.

However, the £15,000 price tag of Uniti One electric car will prompt people to see the benefits of owning an EV. I think that many people would buy this car alongside their gas-powered vehicle just so they could save on gas while traveling around the city.

The Uniti electric car has three doors, three seats, two console screens and an electrochromic roof which can be controlled to allow as much or as little sunlight inside the car.

The rear seats of the car can also be folded down to create a massive 760 liters of boot space. Despite being a futuristic electric car, Uniti One electric car comes with removable lower body panels for replacing or maintenance. The entire structure of the car is streamlined and has no extra protrusion of any kind that might get damaged while driving in heavy traffic.

These features will make the Uniti One a really great city car that’s easier to drive and maintain as well. Furthermore, this compact electric car has a wheelbase of just 2,175 mm which is 400mm smaller than a Suzuki Swift, making Uniti One a super easy to find parking spots for.

The 300km of battery range that Uniti One offers is more than enough for city usage. This range is optimum for small countries like the UK, which has been successfully adopting EV for the past several years.

Should You Buy The Uniti One Electric Car?

You can currently order the Uniti One electric car with a 12kWh battery for £15,100 after receiving the worth of £3,500 government grant.

The company is also offering a number of mods like heated seats, LED lights, a better quality interior and a lot more as an option in this car. You can personalize the Uniti One by selecting your favorite features on the company’s website and place an order.

Since this car started life as a crowdfunding project, there are also special perks for the project backers of Uniti one including the special software updates.

The deliveries of Uniti One electric car will begin at 2020 next year.

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