Underwater Repair Toolkit: 5 Items That Make Deep-Sea Work Less Complicated

Let's take a look at the tools that assist repairmen underwater.

underwater repair tool
Image: YouTube / WeldTube

Imagine working meters underwater, in a high-pressure zone, with a limited amount of oxygen — seems risky, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the level of danger involved in underwater repairs. This article focuses on the underwater repair tools that facilitate this challenging line of work.

In case you didn’t know, underwater repair work, such as underwater welding, is very lucrative but also life-threatening. As per sources, the fatality rate of the job is a scary 15% — one of the highest in the world. However, since many important pipelines stretch across the ocean floor, these repairs are something that we would always need someone to do for the foreseeable future.

Underwater repair requires not only a high level of skill but also physical endurance. That’s because the profession is basically about executing complicated tasks in a harsh environment. Here’s a video that shows some tools vital for underwater repairs.

Underwater repair equipment and their use

1. Broco Underwater Cutting System

Image: Broco-Raskin

When there’s a need to cut through things, such as pipes, an exothermic underwater cutting toolkit comes in handy. This toolkit could consist of items such as cutting rods, a torch, and a regulator. These tools assist workers in underwater cutting, gouging, and piercing with remarkable efficiency. Notably, such systems also generate a huge amount of heat, which is upwards of 10,000° F.

2. Hull and propeller cleaner

nemo hull cleaner
Image: TradeTools

Staying in water for a prolonged time invites copious amounts of marine growth — the living matter that grows underwater. This growth can interfere with the functions of underwater infrastructure and even block crucial engines. Repairmen use a hull and propeller cleaner to smoothen the marine growth-infested surface. Doing this effectively eliminates the presence of living organisms on such surfaces. This equipment’s brush can reach rotation speeds of 120-160 RPM.

3. Underwater chainsaw

underwater chainsaw
Image: YouTube / Divers Institute Of Technology

Sometimes, there’s a need to remove underwater obstructions to make room for important projects. For such cases, an underwater chainsaw is a must. This powerful machine is sturdier than a regular chainsaw and can drill through thick timber effectively. It is usually built to be lightweight and operate in the harshest of underwater conditions.

4. Underwater disc saw

underwater sawdisc
Image: Divers Institute Of Technology

At first, an underwater disc saw might look like a pizza cutter someone dropped into the ocean, but it is actually much more resourceful than its appearance suggests. This small-sized cutter is useful for making cleaner and precise cuts on metal, coral, cement, and the like. It is very convenient to use and can be operated by one hand at close-range. These disc saws come with a potent motor capable of outputting 3.1HP or 2.3kW.

5. Underwater jackhammer

underwater jackhammer
Image: Pinterest / Special Warfare Airmen

Underwater work occasionally includes removing material deposits, debris, and unwanted rocks from the ocean bed. There’s something called an underwater jackhammer that serves this purpose. It can drill into the toughest underwater boulders and clear the area around a construction site.

By the way, would you ever take up an underwater assignment for the thrill of it? Comment down below. Also, if you’re interested in more such cool equipment, then check out the tools that help firefighters save lives.

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