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Are you still using Windows 10 after Windows 11‘s arrival? You probably made the right choice, as being an early Windows adopter can be a task. Microsoft will support Windows 10 until 2025, so there’s plenty of time to keep enjoying the OS. I’ve been using Windows 10 for a while now, and I’ve come across some underrated Windows 10 apps that improved my day-to-day workflow.

There are plenty of Windows 10 apps that you might have heard of, and then there are some that receive less attention. Moreover, Windows already has an abundance of features, but what harm would more of them cause?

Top Windows 10 apps to use

Here’s a list of some of the best Windows 10 apps that I found:

1. Winaero Tweaker

the winaero tweaker app

Winaero Tweaker is a free utility for Windows that lets you tweak several system settings that Microsoft doesn’t let users adjust. Some of these settings include customization options, interface changes, etc. Moreover, it allows you to add extra values to the existing interface, such as adding more options in the context menus, hiding shortcut arrows, etc.

This is an exquisite app for advanced users as it gives more control over the operating system. Winaero supports Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, and 7. Winaero offers a lot of utility, so it’s among the list of best Windows 10 apps.

2. Autoruns

the autoruns app

Autoruns are a powerful utility for power users. If you’re someone who uses several apps and worries about your system’s performance, then this is the app for you. Autoruns tracks all the apps and services that start when you boot your PC. You can view all the startup locations of the app and disable the ones you don’t need.

Using Autoruns to disable startup apps can significantly improve your system’s performance. I recommend using this Windows app if you’re a power user.

3. EarTrumpet

the eartrumpet windows 10 apps

EarTrumpet is one of my favorite apps right now. It’s a life-saver if you attend online meetings or online classes. Windows already has a Volume Mixer, but it’s several clicks away. EarTrumpet lets you control individual app volumes straight from its Taskbar icon.

The app replaces the default volume control icon on your Taskbar. You can place the original in the extended tray. Further, you can also control volumes of other audio devices (if connected) simultaneously. The app is also available for Windows 11 if you want.

4. Twinkle Tray

the twinkle tray app

Twinkle Tray is among the best Windows 10 apps to make your workflow easier. This app is for users who have multiple monitors or desktop users. It lets you control the brightness of your monitors from the Taskbar icon. Just like the brightness slider on laptops, it’s only more efficient.

It also has other features like syncing both monitors’ brightness and a power-off switch for your monitors. Using multiple monitors is convenient, but having control over their brightness from a Taskbar control center is better.

5. NetSpeedMonitor

the netspeedmonitor windows 10 apps

NetSpeedMonitor is another app on your Taskbar (why are all the good ones associated with the Taskbar?). Its only job is to tell you the speed at which your PC is using the internet. NetSpeedMonitor is a speed monitor on your Taskbar that accurately displays your internet connection speed while it’s being used.

It also has a logging feature that stores information about how much data you use per month, your average speeds, and more. If you’re someone that frequently downloads files or streams media, this Windows 10 app is for you. It also supports previous Windows versions.

6. Chocolatey

install multipla apps using chocolatey

Chocolatey is a command-line utility that lets you install and update applications without visiting any websites or downloading installers. Likewise, you can install multiple apps directly from a terminal. It saves you from the hassle of searching for the app and then downloading it.

It can be challenging to use the app for the first time, so we have a guide. You can visit our guide to install multiple apps directly. Once you get it, installing and updating apps using Chocolatey is pretty convenient.

7. TaskbarX

the taskbarx windows 10 apps

TaskbarX is more of a customization app rather than a utility app. However, it does make my PC usage more convenient, so I added this to the list. The app centers on your Taskbar icons, just like Windows 11 does by default. However, this app has various customization options.

You can easily decide your Taskbar’s appearance, and it doesn’t consume many system resources. I like the centered Taskbar better, increasing my productivity, but it’s a personal preference. However, if you would like to center your Taskbar, I recommend trying it.

Finally, these seven Windows 10 apps help improve my Windows experience, and TaskbarX concludes the list. You probably won’t have use for every app, but you’ll need some of them. If you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments below.

Meanwhile, check out our Windows 11 guide if you plan to move away from Windows 10.

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