“Ultra Minimal” Ubuntu Budgie Is Coming, Uses “220MB Or Less Of RAM”

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Short Bytes: The Ubuntu Budgie developers are working on an Ultra Minimal version of their Linux distribution that’ll consume less than 220MB RAM. This version is expected to ship without any standard applications or a RAM-intensive desktop environment. To tell you more about this upcoming release, we’ve contacted the developers for more information.

Back in November, we told you about Ubuntu Technical Board’s decision that granted budgie-remix an official Ubuntu flavor status. It was also revealed that 17.04 will be the first release of the distro under a new name Ubuntu Budgie.

Now, the Ubuntu Budgie developers have teased something that’ll surely get you excited. A recent tweet has shown an “ultra minimal” version of Ubuntu Budgie that utilizes just “220MB or less of RAM.”

While the RAM usage for 64-bit version will be 220MB, the 32-bit release will consume something under 200MB.

Wondering how it’s going to happen? Well, Ultra Minimal Ubuntu Budgie is, reasonably, expected to ship without anything pre-installed. The developers have labeled this distro spin apt for those “who love customizing their distro.”

At the moment we don’t have lots of details about this distro. All we have is a screenshot that doesn’t show any common applications like Chrome, GIMP, or LibreOffice.

We have contacted the Ubuntu Budgie developers regarding some more information and we’ll be sharing the updates with you.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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