Ukrainian Soldiers Are Using Modified E-Bikes To Carry Anti-Tank Weapons

Ukrainian soldiers are using e-bikes to transport weapons and aid!

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Using Modified E-Bikes To Carry Anti-Tank Weapons
Image: Facebook

The Ukraine military is doing all it can to stop the invasion. Russia isn’t determined to quit which means Ukraine needs more weapons to defend itself. Ukrainian soldiers have resorted to modified e-bikes, using which they are delivering weapons and aid.

Unlike heavy vehicles which are easy to spot, e-bikes are quiet and fast. It makes them a preferred vehicle to send assistance and supplies.

How did the Ukrainian Soldiers get e-bikes?

It is all chaos in Ukraine, so accessing vehicles on short notice is a problem. Ukraine has two e-bike companies: Delfast and ELEEK. But none of them revealed that they sold these bikes to the Ukraine military.

Although Delfast clarified that it donated 5% of the revenue to fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. But Delfast CEO Daniel Tonkopi took his sweet time explaining how the soldiers got the bikes. After the videos of Ukrainian soldiers riding Delfast bikes went viral on Telegram, he shared some images on his Facebook profile page.

He revealed the secret and confirmed that the bikes in the video were made by Delfast. Daniel Tonkopi said that the company preferred to work in silence and supplied bikes to the frontline. They didn’t break the news on social platforms unless they had permission from the command.

After the images and videos went viral, he shared the news on Facebook. In another Facebook post, he reiterated the efforts of Delfast in donating a portion of their revenue and helping Ukraine survive the invasion.

Ukraine Soldiers
Image: Facebook

Soldiers Love The E-bikes

Delfast CEO also shared the feedback of many soldiers who had the luck to try it. Most of them shared positive reviews regarding how convenient it is to ride. Soldiers are more than happy and intend to use them as carriers and for aero driving tours.

Meanwhile, Russian soldiers are stealing valuables after raiding areas. An image showcases that the bikes are modified and now include carriers large enough to carry heavy weapons. Most of these are anti-tank weapons to stop the Russian tank fleet from sinking their teeth into the territory. These e-bikes can move undetected because they have lower heat signatures and do not emit loud engine noise.

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