Russians Stole Ukrainian Man’s AirPods: He Used Find My To Track Them

Russian Soldiers stole a Ukrainian Man's AirPods!

Russians Stole A Ukrainian Man's AirPods: He Used Find My To Track Them
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Russian soldiers stole a Ukrainian man’s AirPods during the ongoing Russia Ukraine conflict. Apple’s Find My feature came in handy to pinpoint the exact location of the AirPods without fail. The Ukrainian man is continuously tracking his AirPods which have now traveled across the border, into Russia.

AirPods: Russia-Ukraine war spoils?

The rampant invasion by Russia in the Russia-Ukraine conflict doesn’t show any signs of subsiding. Despite facing numerous sanctions, Russia is adamant to invade Ukraine. Moreover, these invasions foster looting opportunities for Russian soldiers, who steal valuables after scaring off the residents(or what’s left of them).

Apple products are indeed valuable, no matter what country it is from. Apple AirPods tempted one such Russian soldier, who took possession of them.

A New York Times report shows that Russian soldiers have resorted to looting and sending the shipments back to their homes. CCTV footage showed Russian soldiers wrapping up electronic items a few days back.

However, it seems lowly for soldiers hailing from a country where everyone is so uptight. The plight of the Ukrainian people in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is inhumane.

Russia Ukraine
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The Wit of Vitaliy Semenets

Vitaliy Semenets is among the Ukrainian population who left their homes in the Russia Ukraine conflict. He expected the Russians to loot valuables from every household in his locality. However, he remembered his AirPods which he left while escaping from Hostomel. Vitaliy leveraged Apple’s Find My feature to locate his AirPods, revealing some interesting results.

As Russians retreated from Kyiv, the AirPods traveled back into Russia. As per his last Instagram post, his AirPods were in the city of Belgorod, Russia. Coincidently, this is where Vladimir Putin is amassing troops to launch an attack on Donbas. Vitaliy wrote in his Instagram post, “Thanks to technology, I know where my AirPods is now. It was looted by Russian orcs from my home in Gostomel.”

War becomes a breeding ground for looters who seem to take home every valuable they set their gaze upon. It is tough for Ukrainians to leave their homes and such looting incidents showcase the Russian military in a bad light. Still, Ukrainians are not giving up easily in this Russia Ukraine conflict.

There are many reports of capturing Russian soldiers and military equipment. Recently, Ukraine claimed that google allegedly unblurred Russian military bases on Google maps.

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