U.K. Drivers Are Threatening “Speedcam Anywhere” App Developers

App Developer practice anonymity to hide from angry drivers in U.K.

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Speedcam Anywhere app developers are facing gut-wrenching threats from U.K. drivers. The app developers shared many incidents of threatening e-mails. They are now in hiding to escape the abusive wrath of drivers because of their AI speed measuring app. Speedcam Anywhere is a product of eminent minds from Silicon Valley and top UK universities.

What is Speedcam Anywhere?

Speedcam Anywhere is an AI-powered application that can measure the speed of a passing vehicle. It is a cheaper alternative that turns your smartphone into a speed gun and can be used by anyone. It hopes to become a handy product for citizens to document speeding. Moreover, it will ensure that no such incident goes unreported and undocumented.

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How does Speedcam Anywhere app work?

Speedcam Anywhere app isn’t a gimmick like most speed measuring apps available today. It uses a complex measurement metric to give the exact speed of a passing vehicle. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  • The user takes out his phone and films the speeding car as soon as they hear it pass through.
  • Then the app extracts the vehicle’s number plate and matches it with the DVLA’s public registration database to find the make and model of the speeding vehicle.
  • Then, it tries to figure out the speed of the car by observing the axles and comparing them with the recording.
  • Afterward, the Speedcam Anywhere app presents the option to generate a report or save the recording. App users can send or share the same report to authorities for further investigation.

Can you download Speedcam Anywhere?

Sadly, Speedcam anywhere isn’t available on the App Store. Google Play Store, at first, shunned the idea that AI could be so adept and calculating the speed of a passing car. Developers even proved that making such a calculation was possible.

The app did receive approval after all and is now downloadable. But, the request to go live on the App Store is also in an indefinite delay loop. So, downloading it is only possible via the official website or the Google Play Store.

Speedcam Anywhere is capable of measuring speed but citizens and drivers took it into another context. They feel that it is a modern concept of rampant 24/7 tracking. Someone even compared it to the older German model of keeping tabs on the smallest incidents and punishing them. It is the reason why developers chose not to reveal themselves when they gave an interview to the Guardian.

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