“Ugleee” Redditor Used A Drone To Catch His Cheating Wife In A Minivan


Short Bytes: What would be the worst use of hover drone? To catch your cheating wife while she goes to meet her boyfriend? A Redditor /ugleee did the same thing, uploaded a video on YouTube, and shared it on Reddit. In the video, his wife is showing boarding the minivan of her boyfriend and /ugleee lashed out in the voiceover.

Seriously, I don’t have any idea about what it feels like to be cheated on by your wife. In fact, I wouldn’t want that to happen. But in case I have to go through such situation, I would definitely won’t go to the extent this guy went.

As per my knowledge about people catching their cheating partners, it is limited to hiring a detective, stalking them on the internet, and some bold people have the courage the ask their partner in person. But the technology has empowered the people to catch cheating partners – cheating wife in this case – in the ways never before. The drones which are mostly related to the spying activities of agencies like GCHQ and NSA have started to get a new job as detectives.

A Redditor /ugleee – yeah, the wrongly spelled ugly with an extra e – used a drone to track and expose his wife on the internet. He tracked her walking on the streets heading towards building behind which her alleged lover was hiding in his minivan. In the video, frustrated and angry /ugleee lashes out at his wife while she sits in the minivan.

It’s not that he started recording his wife randomly, he has been suspecting his wife since the last couple of years. Here is a two-year-old of him:

Drone Cheating Wife

It’s hard to tell whether the /ugleee guy’s assumption is correct or not. At least, he is getting popularity on the internet. Nothing can be said about the authenticity of the video but some comments definitely raise the humor bar:


Check out the Reddit page for similar comments.

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Aditya Tiwari

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