UFC Fighter Tesla Debacle: Kevin Lee Misuses Autopilot To Play Smash


The purpose of Tesla’s Autopilot mode is to assist the driver during lane changes, entering or exiting the highway or during other driving maneuvers.

However, UFC fighter Kevin Lee seems to have found another way to use Autopilot and that is to play smash during Autopilot.


The fighter posted a video of himself on Instagram while playing Smash on the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Now it is important to note that Tesla cars also come with pre-installed games in the Arcade section. But you can’t play those games while your Tesla car is on the move.

UFC Fighter Kevin Lee Leaves Tesla On Autopilot

The UFC fighter proudly posted a video of himself while the Tesla Autopilot was left on its own. In case you didn’t notice, this is nothing to be proud of.

Tesla Autopilot is the only driver assistance feature and cannot operate on its own. Tesla clearly states that owners should always be ready to take control while the Autopilot is functioning.

Not only is his lack of attention while driving, risking his life, it’s also endangering pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

This is also not the first incident when people are caught doing something else during the Tesla Autopilot. A young couple recently decided to shoot an adult video while Tesla was driving on Autopilot.

The most common misuse of Tesla Autopilot is using it to sleep in the car. Several people have been caught sleeping in a Tesla as the car moves by itself.

Recently, a twitter user by the handle of @tesla_truth posted a video showcasing a Tesla electric car coming to a stop on its own whenever the driver leaves the wheel.


It took almost a minute for the car to come to a complete stop and it did so gracefully without any sudden braking. Thus it is more likely that the video of Kevin Lee might also be in a Tesla decelerating slowly. The video is also only a few seconds long which adds a bit to my speculation.

The same thing happened a few days ago when a man was caught sleeping in his Tesla along with a co-passenger. The motorist recorded the video for 45 seconds and then sped away, claiming that the car drove around by itself. My bet is if he had stayed a bit longer then he’d have seen the Tesla coming to a slow halt.

Needless to say, Autopilot is a great feature. As I mentioned earlier, its ability to bring the car to a complete stop slowly is a very useful feature if any driver falls asleep unintentionally.

In any normal car, such a thing would result in a serious crash, whereas in a Tesla these are just considered non-life threatening mistakes. At least in most cases.

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