µduino Is The Smallest Arduino Board Ever Created — Smaller Than A microSD Card

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Short Bytes: A Chelmsford-based startup is running a crowdfunding campaign for µduino, which is possibly the smallest Arduino board around, on Crowd Supply. With the ATMEGA32U4 chip, µduino has 20 I/O ports. It can be used for wearables and small-sized projects.

Fith the increasing innovation in the field of the easy-to-program development boards, we are witnessing new components on such boards to add more functions. But, along with that, the electronics hardware innovators are also trying to reduce the overall size of the board and make everything smaller.

Thinking about something similar, a Chelmsford-based startup is running a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply. Their product, µduino, is possibly the smallest Arduino board ever created. Talking specifically, the size of µduino measures just 12mmx12mm, which is smaller than a microSD card that has dimensions 11mmx15mm.

The Crowd Supply page of µduino writes that similar sized boards do exist, but their power is limited to chips like Attiny85 with up to 6 I/O ports. On the other hand, µduino uses the ATMEGA32U4 chip and offers 20 I/0 ports. Moreover, µduino can also be powered by using batteries or microUSB.

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µduino can be used for building wearables and small-sized projects. As it works pretty well with sensors, one can use it in a quadcopter, GPG logging module, health monitors, etc.uduino smallest arduino

µduino specifications

  • ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller
  • 6x Analog I/O ports
  • 14x Digital I/O ports (including Rx/Tx)
  • Status LED
  • 5V voltage regulator (accepts up to 16V DC)
  • 6-pin ICSP programming ports 2x 5V ports
  • 2x ground ports
  • 1x Analog reference voltage port
  • Reset button
  • 16 MHz precision crystal oscillator
  • MicroUSB port for easy programming
  • 2x mounting holes

You can support µduino on Crowd Supply and get your own µduino pre-programmed with the Arduino bootloader for $18. You can get 2 µduinos for $35 and 5 for $80. Check out the Crowd Supply page here.

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