Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS Drops

The market for Linux-based mobile operating systems isn’t that crowded; UBports is one of the stakeholders in the same market that develops and takes care of Ubuntu-based OS, Ubuntu Touch, for smartphones.

Slowly but surely, Ubuntu Touch is gaining popularity with more platform support. Hence, the UBPorts team discussed their name clash of the “Unity8” desktop environment with the most popular game engine brand “Unity.” As a result, UBPorts renamed “Unit8” to “Lomiri.”

If you don’t know, Unity8 is the User Interface based on Canonical’s Unity Desktop environment. However, Canonical now doesn’t back the Ubuntu Touch project. As a result, UBports is the company behind the Ubuntu Touch that totally maintains and develops the project. You can also install Unity8 on various platforms such as phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

But as announced in their recent blog, Unity8 desktop name has now changed to Lomiri along with new names for various packages that include “ubuntu” or “unity”.

Do The Existing Users Need To Update?

However, after Unity8 has been renamed to Lomiri, Ubuntu touch users don’t require to do any update. You won’t observe any new change as only the internal component’s names are changed.

But if you’re a developer who builds applications for Ubuntu Touch, you might notice some changes while creating applications. Hence you’re required to update to the new API before packaging your apps.