17% Of Ubuntu Linux Users Have To Use Windows OS At Work

17% Of Ubuntu Linux Users Have To Use Windows Operating System At Work

Linux-based operating systems certainly dominate many fields such as supercomputing, servers, and mobile, except the desktop market where Windows and macOS share a large usage percentage.

The popularity of Windows (or, say, traditional dependency) is also clearly visible in the latest survey result shared by Ubuntu. The result reveals that a large percentage (about 17.4%) of Ubuntu users use Windows as their primary OS. On the other hand, 55.3% use Ubuntu, and the rest use macOS, Debian, or  Ubuntu flavors and derivatives.

Using Ubuntu Alongside Windows Operating System

You may think that the survey could be falsified by Windows users (impersonating as Ubuntu users) to downgrade the popularity of Ubuntu. Well, before asking about their main OS, the Ubuntu surveyor also put some interesting questions to confirm the identity of the respondent.

For instance, the first one was “How much do they like Ubuntu?” and the answer is overwhelming, indicating they’re real Ubuntu users. Only a small percentage (less than thousands out of 21 thousand people) showed their dislike toward Ubuntu.

Ubuntu survey question: How much do you like Ubuntu?

All of those who like Ubuntu Linux further answered in the next question whether they use Ubuntu desktop or not. Unsurprisingly, 85.8% of the respondents nodded yes; others might be using Ubuntu Server or other versions.

Ubuntu survey question: Do you use Ubuntu Desktop?

At last came the main question about their primary operating system at work. As you can see in the picture below, out of 21,827 responses, 12,070 people use Ubuntu and approximately 3797 people use Microsoft Windows. The rest opt for Apple’s macOS, Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and other Linux.

Ubuntu survey question: What is your primary Operating System

The number of Windows users may look large among the Ubuntu community. But you can’t deny the dominance and dependency of a Windows desktop that still prevails over others. This is clearly understandable by looking at the persistent demand from Ubuntu users for popular and proprietary applications that works fine on Windows.

Why Do People Use Ubuntu?

Now, you must be curious to know about the purpose for which most people use Ubuntu. I guess most of you’ve started with Ubuntu at school or college but few continued in professional life (owing to job type). That’s why the student community is large in number, followed by Information Technology professionals that use Ubuntu.Ubuntu survey response

A good chunk of people (or companies) also use Ubuntu in non-technical fields like Finance or Sales. That’s quite impressive.

Do you also do dual boot Ubuntu and Windows to perform your personal or professional work? Tell us in the comments section below.

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