Ubuntu Linux Continues To Rule OpenStack And Cloud Operating System Space


ubuntu osShort Bytes: The recent operating system analysis of OpenStack and Cloud Market indicates that Ubuntu Linux continues to rule the cloud operating system space. Compared to the previous OpenStack survey, Ubuntu has witnessed a 67 percent growth.

The results of the most recent OpenStack survey are now live. They indicate a tremendous growth for Ubuntu OpenStack in the production clouds. According to the latest data, Ubuntu OpenStack continues to dominate the cloud deployments with 55 percent of production OpenStack clouds.

Ubuntu has witnessed a huge 67 percent growth in an area where it already dominated. Compared to the present 55 percent deployment, the previous survey showed Ubuntu OpenStack at 33 percent of the production clouds.

Talking about the runner-ups, CentOS is the second most popular OpenStack Linux distribution with 20 percent deployments.

The third place is captured by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OpenStack that has seen a jump from 8 to 16 percent.ubuntu on open stack

Canonical’s DevOps tool Juju is gaining popularity

Since the last OpenStack survey, the market share of Juju as a cloud management tool has increased by 50 percent. For those who don’t know, Juju is Canonical’s application modeling and deployment DevOps tool. Juju’s increasing popularity could be a big reason why Ubuntu is gaining big in the cloud OS space.

If we come out of the OpenStack crew, we look at the Cloud Market’s latest report on operating systems on the Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), Ubuntu emerges as the leader with more than 215,000 instances.

Amazon’s own Amazon Linux Amazon Machine Image (AMI) follows Ubuntu with 86,000 instances. Windows comes third with 26,000 instances.

The fourth and fifth places are held by RHEL and CentOS with 16,500 and 12,500 instances respectively.

So, the overall picture says — if you wish to be an expert with the servers on the cloud, go ahead and master Ubuntu Linux.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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