Ubuntu 17.10 To Have Wayland Display Server As Default


Short Bytes: The future of Ubuntu is not going to have Unity in the picture. But it won’t have X.org also, at least, not as the default display server on Ubuntu. It has been known that Canonical is ditching X.org for Wayland which flaunts itself as easier to develop and maintain than Xorg. The change is expected to arrive with the release of Ubuntu 17.10.

A lot of changes have been happening under Canonical’s roof and there is another one. Ubuntu 17.10 release will be having Wayland by default marking the exit of X.org server.

Spotted by OMG! Ubuntu, the said change was confirmed (see the image in the tweet) by Ubuntu desktop engineering manager Will Cooke. However, Canonical is yet to make an official announcement.

Ubuntu getting Wayland isn’t a surprise for many, but an expected move after Unity 8 was ditched for GNOME. Canonical has already scrapped plans to further develop their home-grown Wayland replacement, Mir, which would have powered Unity in the future. The Linux distro follows Fedora’s trend of shipping Wayland as a default user session which happened with the release of Fedora 25.

GNOME desktop coming back to Ubuntu already has a Wayland implemented in it. However, there are possibilities of X.org shipping with Ubuntu as an optional session, in case, people need backward compatibility.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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