Finally! Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds Using GNOME Desktop By Default


Short Bytes: After some wait, GNOME desktop environment has found its place as the default desktop in Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark daily builds. The current experience is mainly vanilla and one should expect to see some more custom inputs from Ubuntu desktop team in near future. As this is an early development build, you should also be ready for some bugs while trying the Linux distro.

In the past couple of months, the world of open source was dominated by Ubuntu’s upcoming switch from Unity desktop to GNOME. Ubuntu boss Mark Shuttleworth made this announcement and said that Ubuntu GNOME development team will be merging with Canonical’s Ubuntu Desktop team. Since then, people had been wondering about the future of Ubuntu Desktop.

Well, after some wait and development work, the Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds are shipping with default GNOME desktop environment. This way, Ubuntu has finally ditched the Unity desktop in the true sense, which had been the default choice since 2011.ubuntu 17.10 gnome default

As reported by OMGUbuntu, there’s not much to see at the moment. To take a look at the same, I tried out the daily build myself and found the look to be mostly vanilla. In future, you can expect to see certain modifications. Take a look at the image below:ubuntu 17.10 gnome default

At the moment, the LightDM is the Ubuntu display manager, but the final version will ship with GDM. LightDM has two sessions: GNOME and GNOME Wayland. These builds are early releases, so expect few bugs while trying them.ubuntu 17.10 gnome default

We’ll be keeping you updated on the changes being made to Ubuntu 17.10 as its development process moves ahead. If you’re going to try out the latest build, use this download link and don’t forget to share your views with us.

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