Typewise Keyboard Review: Meet The Safest Revolutionary Keyboard [Giveaway]


If you are an avid smartphone user then I am damn sure that you must be using the latest keyboard by Google or any third party. The best part about using a third party keyboard is that you get a lot of customization options including keyboard color, writing styles, theme, size of the keyboard, and a lot more.

But, the main thing is that you have to keep it in mind that the third party keyboard you are going to use is safe and secure. There are a lot of keyboard apps available on the Google Play Store and finding the best one is a little complicated.

Well, in that case, we have your back, you can try the Typewise keyboard app for the best and safest experience. Typewise doesn’t use the internet which means all the data you type using the keyboard will remain safe which makes it different from other available options.

Typewise Keyboard App Review

User Interface
Key size


Typewise Keyboard can be dubbed as the safest option available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It has an amazing UI and the large key size reduces mistakes while typing. However, the gestures and auto-correct of the keyboard are not that satisfying. You can get the undo auto-correct feature in Typewise Pro.


Typewise Keyboard features

The Typwise keyboard has a unique interface and one of a kind structure and keys placement. The keys in Typewise are hexagon-shaped which reduces the chances of mistake as the keys are comparatively bigger than regular keyboards.

You can also use the regular keyboard as toggling between the regular keyboard and the unique one is quite simple. With just a tap on the keyboard icon at the top left corner, you can switch to the regular keyboard. Moreover, you can use upper case and lower case letters simultaneously. Just flick up the letter you want in upper case to upwards.

The spacing and deleting features in the app are very different. You need to tap the blank button to give space and hold and swipe left the blank button to remove a letter or a word. In the Typewise keyboard, just swipe left quickly on the space bar to delete letters and words.

You can use the emojis in Typewise by swiping up the symbols button (123). The keyboard also suggests words if you type anything wrong.

Typwise Pro features

In the Pro version of Typewise, you get a number of themes including the dark theme, neon theme, and different solid colored themes. A lot of other features like Text replacements, Vibration, and Intensity.

Typewise Pro also gives you the full access to advanced settings options like font size, tablet mode, margin below keyword, key layout. The Pro version of Typwise also allows you to change the traditional emoji styles.

Typewise Keyboard Cons

Personally, at the time of testing, we experienced that it is difficult to set your hands on the hexagon keys initially. But, once you get a hang of it, typing becomes fun.

Apart from that, spacing and deleting becomes a bit chaotic until get comfortable with the swiping patterns of Typewise.

Overall, you can rely on Typewise in terms of security and safety of your data. you can try the Pro version and then as the monthly subscription is available for free. After that, you can also go for the lifetime Pro version that is available on the Google Play Store for just Rs 649.

Typewise Premium Lifetime Giveaway

Typewise is a revolutionary keyboard app and we’re organizing a giveaway of the lifetime premium of the app on Instagram. You can read the rules below and participate in the giveaway to win free promocodes for the lifetime premium of the Typewise keyboard app.

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