Type In ‘Bi*ches Near Me’ And The Google Search Results Will Shock You


Ever since technology evolved, Google has been ‘the’ place where all the answers lie. And this time too, we need a solution to the recent outrageous search results that Google Maps has been showing.

According to a recent tweet by a Twitter user ‘@AHappyChipmunk’, while typing ‘Bitches Near Me’ in Google Maps, the search results in India are showing up addresses to Girls’ Schools, Girls’ PG, Girls’ Hostels, and stores selling Women apparels.

Since the discovery of the utterly derogatory search results, internet users have gone furious asking Google to fix the problem as soon as possible.

While on the inside we might wish to boycott Google, it is not entirely the search giant is at fault; it suggested the problem lies mainly in the algorithms which seem to consider Girls as Bitches.

Famous tech journalist, Prasanto K Roy, via a thread of tweets suggested that the search results are a result of ‘AI/ML learned behavior’.

It is suggested that when the query ‘Bitches Near Me’ was Googled, users went through the results to select girls’ hostels and schools and eventually the results were ranked on the top, resulting in such results.

The incident is a clear example of how AI has cons we certainly miss out on. We hope Google improves its algorithms to avoid such derogatory incidents.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

Started off as an acquaintance, she is now a friend of tech trying to become a tech pundit soon. An extrovert in nature, she likes everything doggos and puppers.
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