Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Retweet With TikTok-Like Reaction Videos

Twitter joins the TikTok fever.


Twitter is testing a new limited feature available to its iOS users. The new Twitter feature lets users retweet another tweet and add their TikTok-like reaction video. Likewise, some Twitter app users on iOS can find a new option when they try to retweet a tweet.

Unlike the original Twitter way, which used to be about posting tweets and quoting tweets in the form of text, this seems like an experiment. However, the social media company has been testing several new features lately, which is a part of it. Twitter wants you to post your reaction videos, essentially called “Tweet Takes” (sound familiar?).

Many social media apps like Meta-owned Facebook, Instagram, etc., gave in to TikTok fever. Even services that aren’t social media platforms like YouTube got their version of short videos inspired by TikTok. However, the more liked platform, Twitter, was away from any TikTok-like “short videos” until now.

The new feature demonstration appears to have a similar interface to the now discontinued feature Fleets. iOS users can choose to “Quote tweets with the reaction” from the Retweet menu on all tweets. Moreover, only a limited set of Twitter for iOS users can use the new reaction videos similar to TikTok to quote tweets for now.

It seems that video replies are the new trend in town, and everybody wants a piece of it. Last month, Instagram added a new feature that lets users reply to comments with Reels. If the new Twitter video reaction feature to quote tweets is a success, it might roll out to everyone soon.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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