Twitter Users To Lose Followers After Massive Spam Account Sweep

Chief Twit continues his quest to take down spam/scam bots.

Musk Says Still Few Unresolved Matters With Twitter Deal; No Recession In Sight
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New Twitter head, Elon Musk, has always been vocal about Twitter’s bot problem. In fact, a major reason he wanted to back out of the acquisition was a bigger population of spam accounts than the platform claimed. Now that he’s in the driving seat, Musk has kicked off his charge against spammers and scammers in full swing.

In a brief tweet, the former Twitter Hotline Operator revealed that a mass-scale spam/scam account removal is currently underway. He also pointed out that, as an obvious consequence of the move, certain Twitter users may see their follower count decline.

For those confused with the terms, a spam account is one that spreads irrelevant or unwanted information, whereas a scam account is one that tweets fraudulent schemes. It’s important to note that while many such accounts are bot accounts, not all bot accounts necessarily make those kinds of posts.

Twitterati reacts to spam/scam account takedown

Owing to Twitter’s natural inclinations, Musk’s announcement has become the latest hotbed for discussion. Many tweets portraying various reactions, ranging from sarcasm to trolling, have poured in. And, just like many of Musk’s other tweets, this tweet’s reply thread is gold as well. Take a look at some of the most amusing replies below.

Now that the spam/scam account sweep is in process, we can expect to have a better user experience on Twitter in the coming days. However, whether that will happen in a noticeable way is yet to be seen.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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