Twitter Roundup 2020: Laughs, Cries, Issues, And Politics

2020 Twitter Roundup
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The COVID-19 quarantine kicked off 2020, just like it’s kicking off this article now. Most of us will say 2020 has been all the way uphill, but a new report from Twitter shows how this year, despite its COVID kickstart, was everything a year could be. The Twitter roundup 2020 was all about everything we saw on the platform throughout the year until one thing overwhelmed the next and 2020 just went on.

With the year almost over, the platform wrapped up with #ThisHappened on Twitter, showcasing the most retweeted and liked tweets, most popular hashtags, and so forth. When you see the topics and trends of 2020, you’re going to see how this year was different and how it made a difference.

Most Liked And Retweeted Tweets

This one might break your heart. The most liked and retweeted tweet was the one made by Chadwick Boseman’s team when he passed away. The Black Panther star was fighting colon cancer for 4 years before it took him in August 2020.

The second most-liked tweet was of another loss. This time it was Barack Obama’s tweet on Kobe Bryant’s demise. Bryant was a professional basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe, his daughter, and some of his friends died in a helicopter crash in January.

On 31 May, NASA and SpaceX came together for the Demo-2 mission, sending two astronauts into space. And that is what gave Twitter its third most like tweet of 2020. Indeed, a good time to leave the planet.

Another mention here is the third most retweeted tweet, where the biggest problem of 2020 met one of the biggest problems in the world — Racism. No matter how much we resent this year for the lockdowns and the coronavirus, we have to admit that more people became aware of the malpractice of racism this year. The Twitterati did their part and we got this gem of a post on the Twitter roundup 2020.

Top Twitter Hashtags 2020

Most used hashtags on Twitter
Most used hashtags on Twitter. Image: Vince Fleming on Unsplash

This year had one big thing that never went out of trend. At first, it was a mystery, then it was a pandemic, now it’s about the vaccine of that pandemic. #COVID19 was the most used hashtag on Twitter this year. Right after that, the second most used hashtag was #BlackLivesMatter. Following the police brutality in the George Floyd case in the U.S., a global wave emerged against racism. Protests took place, statues were wrecked, and people were arrested.

#StayHome became the third most used hashtag amidst protests and people refusing to comply with social distancing and masks. Somewhere or the other, the 2020 Twitter roundup shows that the platform was a voice of sense, despite whatever Trump wants to believe.

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Most Discussed On Twitter

Twitter is a world in itself. One that often reflects what’s going on around you, and at times comes forward as a strongly opinionated platform, hosting both sides of the story. The 2020 Twitter roundup has all the topics and people that took most of the platform this year.

People On Twitter

People on Twitter roundup 2020
Source: Twitter

Let’s start with the people first. The two most discussed people on Twitter were Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and George Floyd. I believe that pretty much sums up the U.S. election and what happened, at least for Twitter. This list had a total of 10 people, out of which 4 are directly associated with U.S. politics. It says a lot about the mood of the Twitterati when Trump is most discussed, but the list has 3 democrats in it too.

Cooking Gets Twitter-Love

Most used food emojis 2020 Twitter roundup
Source: Twitter

The love for cooking saw a spike on social media right after the lockdown made master chefs out of most of us. The company says that tweets about cooking tripled for three months this year. Then things normalized and Dalgona coffee was replaced with the usual Starbucks.

Most Discussed Sports And TV

Most discussed TV shows on Twitter
Source: Twitter

Lastly, in terms of sports, the NFL Super Bowl got the top spot, followed by UEFA Champions League Finals and Quarter Finals. If you think Game of Thrones, Money Heist, and Stranger Things were at the top this year, Twitter has a surprise for you. The Twitter roundup 2020 puts Big Brother Brazil as the most discussed TV show worldwide.

Twitter Roundup 2020 Takeaways

From global awareness to your McDonald’s order, this year was all takeaways. In 2020, we lost a few good men, gained some new lessons, made leaps in terms of technological advancements, and practically moved everything online in a matter of days. The key takeaways from 2020 and the extraordinary time it gave us, is that we’re moving from the ‘panic’ state to the ‘planning’ state. Even though work from home is getting over soon for many, there are some companies that have found it a better alternative.

Summing up, people laughed, cried, talked politics, talked business, cooked, and they did it all online. Speaking of 2021, the sudden online presence of everything is certainly a welcome addition, along with the normal state of things. Thanks to 2020, we can do most things faster, safer, and sitting at home.

Source: Twitter Insights

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