Twitter Reverts Changes To Deleted Embedded Tweets

The decision got rolled back in 3 days.


Earlier this week, Twitter changed how it will show deleted tweets embedded on a web page. The company started showing blank white space instead of the tweet’s text. The change left blank space on millions of web pages on the Internet that has a deleted embed tweet suddenly.

When users started noticing these changes, they started reporting them on the platform. After a considerable backlash from users, Twitter has reverted the change, at least for now. If you see a web page with deleted tweets, you will see the tweet’s original text as it appeared before the change went live.

Twitter reverts deleted embedded tweet change

Twitter says it is exploring ‘different options.’ It means the company hasn’t completely abandoned the plan of removing the text of deleted embedded tweets. The reversal seems temporary until Twitter finds a better way to display deleted tweets.

We will have to wait and see how Twitter will tackle this situation—but leaving blank space on millions of web pages was a weird move from the company. Many news outlets embed tweets from politicians, celebrities, and others to show the legitimacy of their stories.

Justifying the decision, Twitter senior product manager Eleanor Harding wrote that the company made to respect users who chose to delete their tweets. The justification seems legit, but it doesn’t mean the company can leave millions of web pages showing blank space without warning. They should have given prior notice before rolling out the change.

What are your thoughts about Twitter reverting the change? Do you have an idea about how Twitter should show the deleted embedded tweets? Do let us know in the comments.

Ratnesh Kumar

Ratnesh Kumar

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