Here’s How Twitter Employees Are Reacting To Musk’s Takeover

Twitter Employees are in a frenzy!

Here's How Twitter Employees Are Reacting To Musk's Takeover
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Elon Musk bought Twitter with a $44 billion price tag yesterday. The Twitter board gave the nod after weeks of speculations, strategic maneuvers, and commotion. Twitter employees are uncertain about their future at the company which Elon Musk owns now.

It is common for employees to question their position in the company when they hear about a hostile takeover. Before the Twitter board accepted the $44 billion deal, the company’s Slack channels were flooded with questions.

Twitter Employees Concerns

The board didn’t share much information with the employees before they agreed to the deal. All the information that employees had was either hearsay or reports from news publications. The Monday morning was quite sluggish as few of the Twitter employees returned to work.

According to Corey Nelson’s report, the employees joined late and not much work happened on Monday. Employees continued to join conversations about the uncertain fate of Twitter and its workforce. Some were thrilled with the idea of a new leadership while others scoffed at Elon Musk.

One employee asked casually whether anyone was excited to work with the Tesla and SpaceX founder. The responses were far from jovial as many expressed their anger at the sudden acquisition. Ned Miles who works at Twitter tweeted his confusion on the social media platform. He wondered whether he would be rich after the deal comes through or Twitter would fire him.

Twitter Employees
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Parag Agarwal’s Statement

Parag Agarwal revealed what the future holds for Twitter and its workforce after the deal. He said that there would not be any layoffs in the near term. It is a sigh of relief for the Twitter employees for now. But when new management takes over, layoffs are a common affair.

Parag recently took over as Twitter’s CEO and after this deal, someone may take over his position. He didn’t say that he would be leaving Twitter but it is possible in the coming months. But not all of the Twitter workforce is unhappy with the idea of Elon Musk owning the company.

Many believe that the company going private will actually help in improving innovation at Twitter. Some are thrilled about the idea of Twitter becoming open-source and making changes to the algorithm to serve better recommendations. Moreover, it could also tackle the bot troubles on Twitter that undermine the ethics of the platform.

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