Elon’s $8 Twitter Blue Rolls Out With A Different Price For iOS Users

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After the Twitter Blue debacle last month, the company withdrew access to the feature. But today, Musk’s company is relaunching Twitter Blue with the option of multi-colored check marks. In a desperate attempt to boost revenue, Musk launched the Blue subscription with the option to get a verified tick for $8. Little did he know that the move would backfire so badly that they would have to put the new subscription on hold for some time.

An impersonator bought the subscription for eight dollars, used the name of a big pharma company, and tweeted something that wiped out billions in investor wealth. All because the readers assumed that the account had a blue tick and was indeed the original one. Twitter then came up with the idea of different colored check marks and stringent verification measures before giving them.

What’s new on Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue subscribers will get the power to edit a tweet (which comes with its flaws), FHD video uploads, reader mode, and of course the verified check mark against their account name. That’s all! If you’ve got $8-$11 to spare, you can get a verification badge on Twitter. Last month’s rollout offered a blue tick for everyone but this will change from today onwards. Now, there are multiple check marks, each with its unique color to signify its type.

Twitter Blue
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Twitter will also remove the check mark temporarily when a subscriber changes their profile information. After that, the company will review and verify the information once again. Only then the subscriber will get back their check marks which indicate a verified account. If you have an account that’s less than 90 days old or doesn’t have a phone number added to it, you cannot buy a Twitter Blue subscription. There’s no way around it and Twitter seems to be pretty serious after the last month’s incident.

There’s an entire page dedicated to the check mark meaning which you can read by visiting the official blog post. Make note that Twitter Blue is only available in a few countries. But don’t worry! Musk seems to be adamant to boost the revenue and could soon offer the subscription in your country as well.

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