Twitter Blue To Cost $11 On The App Store, $7 On The Web

Twitter Blue may return with a price hike for Apple users.

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In an interesting turn of events, Twitter may charge users $11 for its Twitter Blue subscription on the App Store — considerably higher than on other storefronts. This decision stems from the company’s desire to nullify Apple’s store commission.

As per The Information, Twitter aims to bypass the 30% cut Apple charges for in-app purchases by offering Twitter Blue at a higher price. However, the Elon Musk-led company would still offer the subscription for just $7 on the web.

This development comes after Musk publicly called out Apple and criticized its store tax, following which the firm’s CEO, Tim Cook, talked him into reconciliation. In a tweet, Musk revealed, “… Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store …”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

If the price hike does go through, this won’t be the first time an app is charging iOS users more than others. That’s because Spotify has also previously made users pay a higher fee on Apple devices.

What’s interesting is that Twitter Blue has been temporarily on hold since the cases of impersonation increased. It was still priced at $7.99 the last time it was available. Now, the service will roll out on December 9, 2022, with a possible hike for App Store users. But, the same users logging in on the web would get the subscription for about $3 less.

Whether the companies charging more or Apple’s 30% cut is in the wrong may be a debatable topic. However, the fact is that end-users have to bear the brunt regardless. What do you think about Twitter Blue’s possible price hike on iOS? Tell us in the comments below.

Priye Rai

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