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Twitter has undergone some monumental change since Musk took the reign, and offering a verified check mark for $8 was one of those decisions. It backfired at first, wiped away billions in net worth of a pharmaceutical brand, and was later pulled. But Twitter understood what went wrong and fixed it to some extent. The social media company recently announced gold checkmarks for businesses and today announced Twitter Blue for Business.

Twitter Blue for Business will be a paid service, as indicated by the official press release. It also shares that the feature will be available to a few select groups of businesses with expansion plans and a full rollout scheduled for the following year.

What does the Twitter Blue for Business feature do?

Thanks to the Twitter Blue updated guidelines, different entities on Twitter will sport a different colored check mark. Personal accounts will have a blue one, government institutions will have a gray one, and businesses will get a gold-colored check mark. This color coding makes it easy to spot the type of organization behind an account.

With Twitter Blue for Business, the company wants to highlight people affiliated with a certain organization on Twitter. This is, of course, a means to offer greater credibility to the account owners who work for an organization. “A company can link any number of their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands to their account.” says the official press release.

Twitter Blue for Business
Image: Twitter

So, when an organization puts in a request to link a member, Twitter will verify the account and will then display the company’s official profile picture next to the user name. It will be a tiny icon identical to the size of the check mark but with a square design. Twitter claims the new service is “an incredible moment for businesses.”

All of this effort is aimed to boost revenue as soon as possible. You can already get a verified badge as long as you pay for it, and all these new features create new avenues for subscription income. But Musk is also making crazy moves – the latest one is blocking links to other social networks on Twitter and even contemplating a paywall to allow link sharing.

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