Twitter Blue Users On Android Can Now Personalize The Navigation Bar

You can de-clutter the navigation bar on Twitter Blue for Android!


Twitter offers a custom navigation bar for Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS. But why the disparity? Twitter hasn’t made any clear statements on the unavailability of the customization feature for Android users.

However, it announced that Android users would now be able to enjoy the same customization as present on iOS. The news comes from the official Twitter Blue handle.

The handle even replied to a user who was curious about how the customization feature would work. But a lot more remains to be fixed with Twitter’s overall UI – like the Twitter spaces banner.

How to customize Twitter navigation bar on Android?

The navigation bar is located at the bottom of the screen and offers direct switching to the Home, Messages, search, spaces, and notification sections. But now you can reduce this layout down to two icons only – which is great for people who don’t use notifications or spaces.

To customize the navigation bar, you need to hop into the app settings. Then, you have to enter the custom navigation option which allows you to add or remove the navigation icons. As stated above the smallest number is two icons.

This customization will certainly make Twitter navigation easier for users who hate a lot of unnecessary stuff covering their screen.

Image: Twitter

As per the official Tweet, the feature is exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers only. It means that you have to spend $2.99 for a Twitter Blue subscription to access many features like these. Twitter Blue has all the features which must be normal for any social platform – which is a not-so-genius way to monetize basic features like editing tweets.

The navigation bar customization feature is only available in select countries. So, if you live in the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, only then you can access the feature on Android. Along with that NFT PFPs are rolling out in Twitter Blue Labs and you could soon get that feature too. But you have to be a Twitter Blue subscriber for that.

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