New Twitter Product Drop Feature Is A Shopping Cart With Reminders

Twitter will tell you when you favorite product is up for grabs!

New Twitter Product Drop Feature Is A Shopping Cart With Reminders
Image: Twitter

Twitter is aiming to tap the e-commerce potential which is a definite possibility on the social platform. Today the platform announced Twitter Product Drop Feature, making it easy for brands to tease/spread awareness about their products.

Instagram already has a similar products feature where users can tap on a post and then go to the product page. Twitter Product Drop Feature aims to inform the users about the soon-to-be-happening launches.

The social platform already has a lot of chatter about products (both tech and non-tech) and the feature could leverage that.

What is the Twitter Product Drop feature?

The Twitter Product Drop feature is simply an awareness post on the platform. It is similar to a tweet on the platform and users can engage with it. So, they can like, retweet, comment, and interact with it in all possible ways.

But unlike Facebook, which aims to make transactions happen on the portal, Twitter just aims to be a mediator here. Twitter is a hotspot for product conversations and this aims to strengthen businesses active on the platform, as per the official blog post.

Now, brands will be able to create a Product Drop to inform their potential/existing consumers about the incoming items. It will be much similar to a tweet but brands will be able to add more information about the supply drop. This will include high-quality product photos, add the launch date, etc.

Twitter Product Drop Feature
Image: Twitter

At the user’s end, when they click on the tweet, they will be redirected to the Product Details Page. It will inform them about the product, its features, pricing, and other crucial details. The transaction won’t happen on Twitter.

Users will have to click on the Shop Now button to go to the manufacturer’s website page. Twitter Product Drop Feature will also use hashtags. It will make it easy to view the current trends as well and know the perceptions of other users about it.

It will also offer a reminder feature that will alert you fifteen minutes before the drop goes live, and then at the time of the drop. All in all, Twitter is trying to build a great shopping experience for its users. Dior, unionlosangeles, HomeDepot, Fossil x JeffStaple, etc are a few brands who are a part of this. Like always, it will become available in the U.S first.

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